The Medical Information & AccessCard

MEMORIALCARE® NOW OFFERS the highly successful Medical Information & Access Card™ program to other health care systems and hospitals. This multifaceted product has been designed as a turn-key, "client-branded" program that will enhance both patient and physician loyalties.

Multiple benefits to your health system
With the Medical Information & Access Card™ program, your health system or hospital can:

  • Build consumer and physician loyalty
  • Establish a proven customer relationship management program - it is your organization's "collateral to the community"
  • Streamline processes - ultimately improving customer service
  • Reduce A/R and improves cash flow for hospitals and physicians
  • Brand the organization as technologically advanced and service-oriented
The Medical Information & Access Card™ database has been developed as an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, which enables health systems or hospitals to:
  • Provide self-service, on-line card application entry and update services for their members via your organization's web site
  • Easily add and update member records in individual and batch modes
  • Generate reports, statistics and data extracts of their members' information to fulfill a wide array of CRM strategies
  • Customize membership card production
Security and privacy assured
In addition, the database offers the following security and reliability features:
  • HIPAA compliant
  • SSL encryption, Versign certificate
  • Each subscribing health system has a separate database
  • Log-ons are required for directory and database access
  • Username and passwords are required to access and update records
  • Database is replicated and backups are performed nightly
  • UPS protected
  • Subscriber health system may download its own data files to local system at any time
Streamline your business procedures
With the Medical Information & Access Card™ program, Point-of-Service (POS) devices are installed in a health system/hospital's patient registration areas and at participating physician offices. The POS devices, which replace existing credit card terminals, can be purchased or leased. The devices enable authorized personnel to easily retrieve the following patient-specific information:
  • Rapid, on-line access to the Medical Information & Access Card™ database to simplify registration and admitting. Improves customer service and work-flow by reducing the number of forms that patients are required to complete.
  • Rapid, on-line access to insurance eligibility, deductible status, and co-pay information. Improves A/R by ensuring that correct payor is billed and enhances cash flow by enabling collection of co-pays at the time of service.
  • Collection at the time of service - the POS device is programmed to accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and ATM/debit cards. The POS device can also provide check guarantee and address verification functions.
  • The features described above can also be performed via the Internet for those offices with modem, DSL, or high-speed access.
MemorialCare® Medical Centers are offering this program after having established a proven track record at our hospitals. We have 300,000 loyal cardholders and have helped our physicians and hospitals streamline process, as well as collect $4 million in patient responsibility fees.

This is a program created by results-driven hospital professionals like you to meet the demands of today's customers and physicians. To learn more about the card program, visit our web site: Medical Information and Access Card

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"The MemorialCare Medical Information and Access Card is a smart idea in an age when Americans are demanding greater access and control over their health care. This small but impressive card provides ready access to one's own medical information, especially in an emergency. I can't imagine an individual or parent who wouldn't want to be empowered with such vital information."
Dr. C. Everett Koop
Former U.S. Surgeon General

The Medical Information & Access Card program has given MemorialCare® Medical Centers 300,000 loyal cardholders in Southern California.